Data Visualization Survey



Plus Energy Building design relies on effective building energy modelling at early design stages to prioritise load reduction while still taking account of household practices and enhanced IEQ (indoor environmental quality) on a performance-based design perspective. Simulation output data visualisation is a key factor for an effective communication between the stakeholders. Building’s energy simulation results are often reported to decision makers with no clear terminology and alienating data representation which therefore fails to engage non-experts in the field of building physics.

This survey aims to identify major targeted questions and performance indicators that are meaningful to designers and stakeholders. The result will contribute to the definition of automated data visualisation charts and output reporting generated from simulation tools outputs.

The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete.

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All the data collected with this survey will be treated in an aggregate way, analysed anonymously and will not be traceable back to the individual in any way.

The project staff thank you for your collaboration and your valuable contribution. For further information please contact: Francesca Avella of the Institute for Renewable Energy, Eurac Research, e-mail:, n. tel. +39 0471 055 731

Your data will be used exclusively for scientific research purposes at Eurac Research.